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Cinesthesia – which organizes the international digital art festival Eye’s Walk Digital Festival – in collaboration with CulturePolis, explore the time of global eclipse due to the pandemic, the role of digital art, digital culture, combined with the cultural heritage of Greek islands Syros and Corfu. The project aims to connect people internationally and to highlight the physical space, as a fixed point that brings people together and can create their new stories.

Social Cooperative Enterprise “Cinesthesia” since 2014, runs Eye’s Walk Digital Festival, on the island of Syros, in Greece and internationally. The festival connects to the unique architectural legacy of a city by creating a layer of digital work (projections, installations, performative) to interface the public space with the local community. Storytelling and narratives are key to the work as is the Greek word «Eros».

I perceive my curatorial work as an act of “Eros”, that infuses the city with different emotional and physical states, transfiguring it, into a transformative –creative experience with a potentially tremendous impact on neighbourhoods’ life, street stories, closed windows’ agony and they are the essence of a living and loved space”.

Filia Milidaki – Curator & Founder.

CulturePolis is a non-profit Civil Society Organization that has been operating since 2006 as a civil non-profit company based in Corfu, Greece. It operates besides Greece in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin mainly through projects co-financed by competitive EU programs. Its main purpose is to contribute – through research, analysis, discussion and dialogue as well as targeted actions, to informing / raising awareness of stakeholders and the public on issues related to: culture and the arts in the broadest possible sense, heritage sustainable management (natural, cultural, intangible), intercultural dialogue as well as the promotion of different cultural identities in each place. It has implemented numerous projects and initiatives promoting innovative approaches and methodologies, applications of new technologies in society and the economy, and promoting cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

The team:

Filia Milidaki: Idea, Research, Curation
Elisavet Papageorgiou: Communication design, curation of Soundscape Installation “Voices”
Konstantina Karameri: Fundraising and Development Consultant
Eleni Arapoglou: Communication & Media
Alexandros Tsonis: Social Media
Content contribution: Thomas Drikos, Spiros Sourvinos, “Syriana grammata”

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